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Innovative Card Solutions is a leading provider of magnetic stripes cards. For over ten years, we have been the elite supplier of MICROS cards for Oracle and MICROS. We still provide the Oracle warehouse with the MICROS cards they offer. At Innovative Card Solutions, we produce authentic MICROS Red Management Cards, Hospitality Solutions International Cards and MICROS Employee ID Cards that are assured to work with every MICROS system within your business.

Requiring all Employees to use MICROS Employee ID cards, as opposed to punching in a code, significantly reduces the occurrence of fraud or mistakes. This also eliminates time fraud between employees or allowing one employee to clock in for another. By utilizing MICROS Employee ID Cards for your operating system, you are diminishing the chance of fraud within your business. With each MICROS Employee ID card, identification remains secure and personalized to an individual employee.

We have been an industry leader for MICROS Employee ID Cards for over a decade. We stand behind our product and ensure the highest quality.

For customers who seek even more customization, we offer fully functional MICROS Employee ID Cards complete with your business name and logo on the front. We offer reasonable minimum quantities with no design or set up fees. Quality products and quick turnaround times are our promise to every customer.

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