How do I assign a Micros Card to an employee for a 3700 system?

1. Sign in as a Manager
2. From the Manager Screen, click on the Manager Procedures button.
3. From Manager Procedures, Click on the Employee Button.
4. Use the link to find the employee record.
5. Touch the employee name to select.
6. Click on the link to bring up the Assign an ID Screen.
7. Swipe the card through the workstation mag card reader at this point. The number from the card will auto fill into both fields.
8. Click the button to save.
9. Click the in the upper right hand corner to close Manager Procedures.

How do I assign a Micros Card to an employee for an E7 system?

1. Using a Manager Card or ID, enter “Manager Procedures”
2. Press “Employees” (Left – Top of screen)
3. Scroll to and then press the employee needing a Mag Card or Sign-In Number
4. Press “Edit Employee ID” (Right – Middle of screen)
5. Press the Keypad key to the right of “New ID”
6. Enter Sign-In number or Swipe the Mag Card
7. Press the Keypad key to the right of “Confirm New ID”
8. Re-enter Sign-In number or Swipe the Mag Card again
9. Press “Save” (Left – Bottom)
10. Repeat with any other employees as desired
11. Press “Exit” (Right – Top) when done

How do I create iCare numbers using Mymicros.net for my gift cards?

1. Log into your Mymicros.net account using your username, company name, and password. Make sure it is the System Administrator account.
2. To the left, click on the option that says “iCare”.
3. Click “Account Admin” and then click “Create Card Numbers”.
4. In the dropdown, click “Create Card Numbers” to create new card numbers. If you would like to view previously created numbers, click “View Created Card Numbers.”
5. Select Program (Gift Card, Loyalty Card, Guest Card are some examples)
6. Select Card Rule if the field does not auto populate.
7. Input preset denomination if necessary. Please put in zero (0) if cards should not have a preset amount on them.
8. The first account number should auto populate to come after your previous order.
9. Input the number of accounts (Example – if you are ordering 500 cards, put 500 in this box).
10. Click “Create”. A list of numbers will pop up on the screen.
11. Copy and Paste (CTRL C, CTRL V) the numbers into a text file (Notepad) or a Word Document.
12. Save the file as your restaurant’s name and type of card (Gift, Loyalty) you are ordering. Attach and send the file to the designer you are working with via email.

Do you have GSS software for your gift cards? Please follow these steps to look into your configurator to see how your system is set up.

1. Sign into your POS Configurator which is located on your desktop computer that is hooked up to your POS system.
2. Click on the GSS tab at the top.
3. Click on Card Setup.
4. Look at the track number, start position, and length of the Gift Card numbers.

Did we send you test cards? Here are some instructions on how to use them. Please note, some systems may have slightly different verbiage for how to sell a card.

1. Press “sell card” button and type the value. Then swipe the card.
2. Press “check balance” button and swipe the card.
3. Cash out. Start a new transaction for the amount on the card and click “redeem” button.
4. You need to repeat these steps for all of the test cards that have been sent to you.

For assistance with buying:
1. Hardware or software
2. Printers
3. POS Systems
4. POS Equipment and accessories
Please call the Oracle Store at 866-322-0656 or 866-201-9198

For assistance with:
1. Logging into your Mymicros.net account
2. Resetting your Mymicros.net password
3. Software issues
Please call the Oracle Helpdesk at 800-937-2211 and create a case number.

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